Frequently Asked Questions

This is a section for Frequently Asked Questions about the Arctic Lindy Exchange.


What is Arctic Lindy Exchange in a nutshell?

It’s a full week of swing dancing, hot-spring relaxing, fjordbathing week of fun. It’s the only travelling Lindy hop event across a country and indeed in one of the most beautiful and exotic ones. Iceland, the land of ice and fire. In the day time you can join in any of the excursions that we organize for you to explore the beauties of Iceland and in the evenings you can enjoy tripple stepping with us with live bands and best DJ music.


When is Arctic Lindy Exchange? Is it an annual event?

Arctic Lindy Exchange usually starts in August and lasts one week.

Unofficially we try to have a pre-party the day before the exchange starts and sometimes a cool down parties afterwards if there are still people around. So it’s more than a week of fun. These parties are not included in the official schedule and we can therefore not offer hosting for these nights

The Arctic Lindy Exchange tends to happen every year.


Why is it one week?

We believe that to visit Iceland is a once in a life time experience (however we know that once you visit Iceland you’ll always come back) and it wouldn’t be just to this beautiful island to have only a weekend exchange. On top of it the expenses to fly to Iceland can be more expensive than what many people are used to. So we want to make your journey to Iceland worthwhile and memorable.


Can we just join in for a few nights?

Yes, you can pre-book tickets for individual nights as long as we have availability. However if you don’t buy the package options we aren’t required to find accommodation for you and you’ll need to go up north to Ísafjörður by your own means.


How does a day at Arctic Lindy Exchange look like?

During the days we do many day time excursions both in Reykjavík and Ísafjörður. You can choose to join these excursions or just stroll around the town yourself.

In Reykjavík typically we do the Golden Circle which consists of Þingvellir (the site for the first parliament site and also where European and American plates meet), Geysir (the hot springs) and Gullfoss (one of the most powerful waterfalls in Iceland)

On Monday and Thursday we’ll be having a bus ride to and from Ísafjörður, which will take around 8-9 hours. We’ll also be doing some sight-seeing on the way and will be indulging in one of the hot thermal outdoors pool on the West Fjords.

In Ísafjörður we have many day trips to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the island.

We’ll give some more information about these at a later date.


What are included in the prices?

The prices include all the main parties, pre- and after parties at the Arctic Lindy Exchange, accommodation (depending on your package) in Reykjavík, the bus ride from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður (including a trip to a hot outdoor pool and a visit to a inactive volcanic crater) and back to Reykjavík, mass accommodation in Ísafjörður (depending on your package).


What are NOT included in the prices?

Your transfer to and from the airport, day time excursions, meals, taster classes.


Will there be any dance classes at the event?

Yes there is normally around 2-3 taster classes with international teachers.


How do I get from the airport to Reykjavik?

At the airport you can buy tickets for the flybus the goes every 30-45min. More information here.


How likely am I to get a local host?

If you sign up early you are more likely to get one. But we generally only have around 15 spots available.


What will be the price of the daytime excursions?

Around 50- euros for each trip. (there will be 3 total)


Is Iceland expensive?

Yes it is. But most people agree, it is worth it.


Will there be local hosts to stay with in Ísafjörður?

No we do not have any local hosts in Ísafjörður. The hosting there will be mass accommodation, normally consisting of a large sports hall filled with air mattresses  (depending on your package).


What is the address of the venues in Reykjavík and Ísafjörður?

Most often it is:

Reykjavík: 3 Vonarstræti, Reykjavik.

Ísafjörður: 7 Aðalstræti, Ísafjörður.


How do I contact the organizers of this event for other questions?

Contact the organizers if you have any personal questions regarding the Arctic Lindy Exchange.

You can also join our facebook group here.