Bands for the 2018 event

[subject to change]

Secret Swing Society

Energetic and playful, the Secret Swing Society has been spreading the sounds of early jazz pioneers such as Duke Ellington and The Mills Brothers around Europe and the US for three years now. When listening to them you travel back in time to the golden era of jazz music, the time of the Godfather movie, slower life and slower cars. This international society came into being during the members’ music studies in Amsterdam. They have performed since 2010 in the USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Iceland.


Siggi Swing & his Bluesberries

Being a musician, Sigurður (aka Siggi Swing) got hooked on Lindy Hop in the beginning of 2017. Shortly after that the grouped together six of Icelands finest jazz musicians to form the ‘bluest’ swing band in Iceland. The band name came to him as he was picking blueberries in the hills of Ísafjörður, and along came songs, such as ‘Bilberry Blues’, ‘Downhill Drag’ & ‘Freyja’s Fury’.
The band’s influence include many varieties of styles from the swing age and beyond. With the swing always in forefront it combines both Dixieland and Gypsy jazz elements as well as traces of klezmer, bebop, ragtime and stride. And, of course, the blues is never far away.
With Siggi Swing leading on the piano the lineup consists of Unnur Birna Björnsdóttir on vocals and violin, Jóhann Guðmundsson and Jóhann Vilberg Vignirsson on solo and rhythm guitars, Magnús Pálsson on clarinet, Leifur Jónsson on double bass and Bergur Einar Dagbjartsson on drums.


Stebbi O’s Swingsextett

Stebbi Ó. swingsextett er danshljómsveit af gamla skólanum. Sextettinn heldur sig við söng- og lagabók fyrri hluta og miðbiks 20. aldarinnar // Stebbi Ó. swingsextett is a ball-ensemble that has a repertoire of various swingdance numbers. Stofnsettur árið 2012 af Stefáni Ómari Jakobssyni og kom fyrst fram á 100 ára afmæli karlakórsins Þrasta. Síðan þá hefur swingsextettinn haldið dansleiki á eigin vegum, bæði í Iðnó og í Þjóðleikhúskjallaranum.


Band 4

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