History Of Arctic Lindy

These are some of the things we experienced in the past Arctic Lindy Exchanges, since the very first Arctic Lindy Exchange in 2009. Past attendees have had a lot of fun performing, joining the fun competitions, and experiencing the day trips.


Arctic Lindy 2017

coming soon

Arctic Lindy 2016

coming soon

Arctic Lindy 2015

I Charleston Arctic Lindy Exchange

Two Hats And A Cane – Performance

“Yes Sir” – Group Performance

Shorty George & Ira Ishchuk Social Dance Demo

Arctic Lindy 2015 – Jack´n´Jill finals

Why don’t you do right (and get me some money too) – Performance

Oksana & Vitalii – Performance

Arctic Lindy 2014

Hat Trick Tranky Doo

How About That Thing – Group Performance

Old Man Routine

Arctic Lindy Jack & Jill (2014)

Arctic Lindy 2013

The group from 2013. Photos can be found at Andrew Miller’s Photography Website (click here).

Hat Trick Shim Sham (2013)

Arctic Lindy 2012

Sadly, it didn’t happen that year.

Arctic Lindy 2011

Shim Sham by the Shore (2011)

Eiki explains fisherman’s G-string (2011)

Arctic Lindy 2010

Dancing at Iðnó – Lily and the Blue Boys (2010)

Beach Party (2010)

Arctic Lindy 2009

Shim Sham on ferry from Hrísey (2009)

Dancing at Iðnó – Lester Young Tribute Band (2009)